We offer excellence in audiovisual solutions and technology for businesses, meetings, conventions, and other events of any size. No project is too large or too small. With over 25 years of combined experience and excellent customer service, our goal is to help you realize your ideas within your budget with custom solutions. Contact us and we’ll work together to make your event a reality.


3D Video Mapping -Mapping Projection
Panoramic Projection - Immersive Projection
Scenic Projection - Content
2D Animation - 3D Animation
Motion Graphics - Video Production
Audio Production and Composition Soundtrack
Permanent Installations - Personalized Projects


    Personalized Projects – We can create your project since its conception and production planning and gathering ideas , design , content, technology and expertise . Contact us to offer an innovative solution .

    Audio Production and Composition Soundtrack for film/video production can be composed by Sunshine Mapping. Tailor-made music compositions are made by our team of music composers. Existing scores or stock music can be rearranged and/or edited and made to fit every film/video production.

    Video Production – Caption , Editing, Color Grading , Color Corrector , voiceover , soundtrack production, effects like motion graphics , 2D and 3D . Chroma Key Filming We produce several types of videos such as: Corporate Video , Web Videos , Educational Videos , Explanatory Videos, Product Videos , Video presentation , Video Marketing, Video Clips . Teaser , animations 2D and 3D , Motion Graphics, Typography .
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    3D Animation – Video production in 3D illustrate what reality can not, more economically and more accurately. 3D animations cause high impact giving depth and perspective to any environment or element. They can be used to explain how objects, mechanical process or hidden elements (like the interior of a motor or the human body) operates in a way never seen before.The videos in 3D animation are intended to address a particular issue as realistic , precise and impactful. We have extensive experience in 3D animation productions in various segments
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    Immersive Projection, is the technique that lets you put all the audience encased in the projection. The formats are varied, but can be in U, round or dome, can be 180 to 360 degrees. You can have all the lateral projection, the ceiling and the floor. For this technique we can also offer a public interaction and the implementation of 4D and 5D. We call that an Experience.
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    Panoramic Projection is the technique that allows large-scale projection on a screen. You can use screens along with led Panel. There’s no limit to size.
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    3D Video Mapping Projection – mapping projection is a technique that allows the projection of images and animations in 2D or 3D design on any architectural scale surfaces, as well as in objects, products, walls, canvas, cardboard boxes, styrofoam, vehicles, among others–and can also offer interactivity with the public.